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Flooring Contractor Inc. is a flooring division of  American Woodcraft Inc., which was founded in 1996. The Owner of American Woodcraft started his flooring business from his garage. It started with just straight installation, sanding, and refinishing of existing flooring. Years of experience through jobs and training put Daniel in a lead position in the flooring industry. He wanted to perform different flooring tasks of the industries, like custom sanding, staining, and installation. National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) became one of the best training associations and facilities. Starting with basic installation and sanding, following with advanced and expert classes, NWFA gave him the knowledge and expertise to deliver great quality flooring. 

We are able to customize your stain color and also customize your flooring. From initial consultation to design, from manufacturing of your custom flooring to installation, to delivering the right color and finish, we will be working with you to make your dream come true.
Since 1992 Daniel was involved in the flooring industry, working as an employee for other flooring contractors.
In 1996 he decided to start his own flooring business.
For over 15 years homeowners trusted us with their home flooring projects. We are custom flooring contractors with a passion for superior craftmanship and exceptional customer service.

Decorative Hardwood inlays add a distinctive and one of a kind look to your floor and your home. You can choose from a wide variety of stock designs, or let our design department create your very own design concept. From regular installation to custom borders or medallions, or from refinishing to custom staining, we have the experience to start and finish your project successfully.

 Are you in the process of getting a new hardwood flooring or refinishing ? Before you go to the "big chain stores " Home Depot ,Lowes , Menards , give me a call and I will take the time to inspect  and  evaluate your project .
Our installers and finishers are trained, supervised by a Advanced Craftsmen Manager and will follow NWFA installation and finishing guidelines.
Hardwood floors are a large investment for a homeowner and as the industry changes,






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Flooring Contractor Inc.