Borders & Medalions

Medallions and Border designs usually become the main focal point when entering a home. However, leave it to anyone's imagination, medallions can be used virtually anywhere. Borders on the other hand, usually define a room or area. Some border designs highlight areas or warp around the perimeter of hardwood flooring throughout the home. Go for a distinctive look with a medallion insert or by installing contrasting light and dark woods, or take it a step higher with inlays, medallions, elements, or mixed media.

Medallions usually are installed in the main field of the floor, a favorite for foyers. Factory finished medallions are easily routed into existing floors.
Most medallion manufacturers ship templates or guides used to help install a pattern. Exceptions include some designs over 48" in diameter


Working with customer ideas, we are able to create your unique flooring. A border can be installed around the perimeter, and also a medalion can be custom made and installed. Wood with other material such as stone, tile, marble, and metal results in a one of a kind floor.


Borders create a frame effect in a particular room, or area and usually contrast to the main area of the room.The possibilities are endless, and are not limited to wood only.
Your room can be customized with a simple border. Add your style to it. A border can be done at our shop or your home, depends how complicated and intricate it is. We can also purchase one pre-done which will just need installation.
Borders can incorporate multiple wood species, stone, marble, bras, and other metals.

Ornamental floors, in all their varied forms, have become very popular.The creative floors that were developed in Europe took their origins from marquentry. Parquet are geometric patterns, and often take names from famous people or famous places.


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