Installation of Hardwood Flooring , Ceramic and Natural Stone

Flooring can be installed on grade, above grade, or bellow grade. The question is "What type of flooring should be installed?"
You should consult with our Installation department and find the type of flooring that can be installed on your particular project.
Some type of flooring can be nailed down with proper fasteners, some can be glue down, or some can be floated.
We will work with you to find the right product and the right color. On some types of flooring an underlayment should be installed to ensure proper and correct installation. On high rise buildings some of the Associations require a layer of cork first. The cork acts like insulation between your new flooring and concrete and will reduce the noise. Some will not allow you to shoot concrete nails. If you live in a high rise condominium, the first thing you should do is get a copy of the By-Laws or check with the Condominium association before you start any work.

Today, Flooring Contractor Store is proud to service the following types of Flooring:

  • Red Oak
  • White Oak  
  • Maple                                                                                          


You may customize any floor with any flooring medallions or borders. Possibilities are endless

  • Brazilian Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Birch
  • Pine
  • American Cherry
  • Strip Flooring
  • Plank flooring
  • Mahogany
  • Santos Mahogany
  • Ash
  • Birch
  •  Hickory
  • Mesquite
  • Bamboo
  • Cork
  • Australian Cypress
  • Iroko
  • Jarrah
  • Padauk
  • Sapele
  • Purpleheart
  • Teak
  • Wenge
  • Brazilian walnut

Installation of Ceramic / Natural Stone/ Laminate

CERAMIC AND STONE: There is an endless variety of ceramic and stone floor coverings available. These tiles may be made of baked ceramic, marble, granite, slate and other stones as well. The tiles come in many different sizes as well, with larger tiles best suited for the floor down to small tiles (generally used on walls). The proper sub-floor must be in place and then a thin-set mortar is used to adhere these tiles to the sub-floor. It is extremely important to make sure the tiles line up properly (with spacers) and are level, so there is some detail-intensive work involved. Before the floor is finished, all the spaces between the tiles must be filled with grout. The investment of time and effort pays off in a beautiful and long-lasting floor.
.Natural stone is a product of nature and varies in color, veining, and shading from tile to tile.
LAMINATE: Laminate flooring is designed to look like real wood while providing an easier installation and lower cost. It is a manufactured product with a top surface that resembles actual wood grain. Different types of laminate flooring have different installation methods. Some may need to be glued down, while others simply click together to create a "floating" floor. "Do it yourself" is one of the most preferred methods when installing Laminate flooring. A fair amount of Laminate flooring has a built in pad underlayment to the bottom of each plank which provides both sound deadening properties and comfort to the foot, as well as some may require a separate underlayment, sold in rolls. Laminate floors are extremely impact, scratch, sunlight fade and stain resistant and the best of all, extremely easy to maintain.
RADIANT HEAT- is a green alternative to traditional heating.The heating source is installed beneath your wood flooring, directly transfering heat. Radiant heat is an efficient means of maintaining a comfortable room temperature.Quartersawn and riftsawn woods work well becouse of the manner in wich they are cut provides additional stability.

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