Just a few samples of our work :

The old staircase was sagging. Existing carpet was removed and a new carriage has been built with new oak treads, pine risers, and stringers. A new post, hand rail, and spindles have been installed, sanded, stained, and finished. Squeaks, a common problem in older stairways, can be caused by treads that rub against other stair parts when it is steped on. Repairs can be done from the top or from underneath.

Existing half wall removed and new post with new hand rail and iron spindles have been installed.
New Maple treads and risers have been installed. A lot of times the homeowner wants to replace just the spindles. Upgrade your staircase withe new iron spindles.
Existing steps been removed. New steps and risers have been custom made and installed. New flooring was also installed, sanded, stained, and finished. When comfortable stairs are built we think in terms of "unit rise" and "unit run". On any staircase the treads and risers can be replaced at any time.

The entire home had a new look at the end of the transformation. Oak flooring installed, oak treads, risers, post, hand rails, and spindles. A natural finish was applied for a neutral decor. The length of a stair opening is governed by practical considerations. A conventional stair opening needs to only be enough to provide adequate clearance overhead.

Note: A slippery tread is a dangerous tread. To increase tread friction avoid waxing bare wood. A balustrade should be strong enough to take the weight of a falling adult.


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