Wood Flooring Inspection

For over 19 years, Daniel Racareanu has been installing, sanding, and finishing thousands of wood floors. From just regular installation to custom floors. After recieving Certifications like Certified Installer and Certified Sand and Finisher, he decided to train even more and become a Certified Wood Flooring Inspector. In February 2010 he passed the certification test and became one of the Certified Wood Flooring Inspectors through National Wood Flooring Association. He earned a remarkable reputation as a leading flooring contractor. Since he is known for his knowledge and reputation, many contractors and home owners are asking him to inspect their floors, and also ask for his advise on how to maintain a beautiful wood floor in their home.

Most complaints concerning hardwood flooring are related to changes in the moisture content of flooring and surrounding wood products. When moisture changes are severe, the result can be gaps, cupping ,buckling, movement, cracks, or splits in the flooring.

Since 1994, Daniel has recieved numerous certifications starting with

  • Craftsmen
  • Master Craftsmen
  • Advanced Master Craftsmen

Member of these reputable organizations:

  • National Wood Flooring association
  • NWFA Certified Installers
  • NWFA Certified Sand and Finish
  • Wood Floors.org


Did you know ??
Wood Flooring will perform best when the interior enviroment is controled to stay within a relative humidity range of 40 to 50 percent and a temperature range 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

WOOD FLOORING HAS A COMFORT LEVEL, TOOWhat wood floor for what room ??????

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